The beginning of the poolrooms adventure. Imagine waking up in a shallow pool with warm natural sunlight beaming down on you as you begin to grasp your surroundings.

Some entry points can be found if you adventure around enough.

There seems to be less and less natural light the farther in this place goes.

A transition place between the pristine above-level poolrooms and the dark underbelly of the megastructure.

A friendly-looking relaxing pool space. Probably.

I'm not sure whether or not to be afraid of this sinking architecture.

Now these are some proper danger zone pools.

Kinda has a Silent Hill aesthetic, don't you think?

I wonder what this area would be used for.

What a strange hole in the ceiling.

Another danger pools (or danger zone) rendering.

A mysterious slide, or, rather, the beginning of your poolrooms adventure.

A classic stairwell.

Danger pools? Blool-rooms?

The illusion of safety is realized.

This is your last choice. Do you want to jump down?

The rose light symbolizes either peace or unsettlement.

I'd imagine this is what you dream about after falling asleep in the poolrooms.

Portal-rooms? No?

A comfortable pool space; I think I would stay here.

It's a safe place... for now. Don't pay attention to the tunnels.

A render of a waiting room with a big pit in the middle.

The first version of my usual profile banner. It features my VRChat avatar looking out over a bridge.

The second version (version I usually use) of my profile banner. It shows the render from a different angle.

An image with a bunch of cubes around a button. I was originally going to add more detail, but thought it looked nice when simplistic.

The first liminal space that I rendered. I had multiple iterations of the same image, but this one was the one I liked most.

My first liminal space render which features another angle from the first image. It is what's through the passageway in the far corner.

An 80s or 90s style movie theater hallway after hours. It features a blacklight-lit scene.

This was an entry for an image competition. It features an overgrown urban building which is being reclaimed by nature. (And maybe some vandalists).

Inspired by Tokyo's storm drains, this image has an endless expanse of strong concrete pillars submerged in water.

A storage room with lots and lots of filing cabinets. This one is slightly different from my other liminal spaces, as it's the only one that features a dark or scary atmosphere.

The first "Whitespace" liminal render that I made. It features a landscape of white monoliths.

This Whitespace piece features a colorful ball pit in a play-area style building. Would you go in?

A maze of corridors all lit up by different rooms. This Whitespace piece feels empty yet large.

I was inspired to make this Whitespace render after going to a restaurant and modelling some tables that I found there. It's one of my most detailed Whitespace renders.

This Whitespace is less white, and more pink. It looks like there's a blue section up ahead. Which corridor do you choose?

I was going for a museum style render in this Whitespace. Is it before it opened or long after it's been abandoned?

A render used for the background of a fake OS I was making. Kinda looks like Windows 11.

I may have purchased a few donuts.