I generally like to create games/apps, make music on OnlineSequencer and Bandcamp, and make Blender art. I am a new full-stack developer (MEHN) and learning MongoDB.

If you want to talk to me, send me a friend request on Discord! I may also be on my chat room.

Other programming projects

About My Forums

My Forums started as an idea, just by the name: FurNet. I wanted to create a platform where furries could talk to each other. It initally launched as a test app for testing Handlebars and creating a versatile account system. Similar to OnlinePlatformer, it became popular among my friends and I kept developing it. I began to flesh out some of the basic forum features found on other sites, such as searching, liking, comments, and admin controls. However, during public testing, I found that pretty much everyone I showed it to didn't want to associated with or reffered to as a furry and changed the name to "Arlojay Forums". By developing this app, I learned how to manage MongoDB databases, MongoDB s3 buckets, and Handlebars.

About OnlinePlatformer (Abandoned)

OnlinePlatformer, originally known as Platformer Game, was a small project that originally started out with a simple p5.js sketch. You were able to edit and save levels to send to other people, but it didn't feel like enough. I wanted to make a more universal network, so I decided to start working on a more professional game layout/system. The game became more popular among my friends, and it began to outgrow the platform I was making it on: Construct 2. It was also becoming discontinued, so I wanted to move away from deprecated software and migrate to something like Unity or just vanilla JS. I did have a Unity project for a while, but it didn't seem like the right way to make it as the physics system gave me incorrect behavior when compared to the original C2 version. Then I decided to move to vanilla JS. It was the most successful version, with a planned chat room and whole account system, but I lost motivation after trying to go back to edit the code for the editor. It was super spaghetti, and it was also the main part of the website. I decided that I should start over with more planning involved; I was going to make a UML diagram. That's where I am right now, creating the next generation of OnlinePlatformer. I do not have a planned release date, but I will update the website when I finish it, or, at least, the first version of it.